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Who we are

ActiveLegal is a team of defence lawyers and experienced support staff specialising solely in criminal and traffic law. Those areas – Criminal and Traffic  – are dangerous minefields of the law, dripping with a multitude of technical details. The small details that trip up the inexperienced – every day. A specialist law team means that the manpower and expertise we throw into your case best ensures successful progress through your prosecution.

Who we service

We have represented clients in courts nationwide across New Zealand with repeated success on countless occasions. We presently have cases on from the Far North to the Deep South and nearly all points in between. Oh and just because you might have been charged with an offence in a small provincial court doesn’t mean that you don’t need the best specialist help – just the opposite. For legal help – anywhere – speak with us today.

What we offer

We will carefully handle your traffic or criminal law case whether it involves one charge by itself or several charges. Indeed, people sometimes face a collection of traffic and criminal law charges. We have had clients facing multiple charges such as drink driving, careless use of a motor vehicle (with and without injury), dangerous driving, reckless driving, sustained loss of traction, street racing and more. So whether you’re facing one charge or several, we can help.

Contact us today. There is hope.

Expert Lawyers

A highly experienced law team lets you rest assured that you are receiving the best possible defence for your case.

Client Focus

There may well be much more hope than you think. Calling us now is your very best move.

Flat Fees

We charge flat fees and not ‘by the hour’ like many law firms. So you know where you’re going to end up before you make a decision.

Free Consultation

We’ll give you a telephone assessment of your situation for free. Call today – There is hope!



ActiveLegal is a full service specialist law firm for those needing representation in the criminal courts. We handle a range of charges, including – but not limited to – careless use of a motor vehicle (with and without injury) dangerous driving, reckless driving, sustained loss of traction, street racing, unnecessary exhibition of speed, speeding, driving while disqualified, driving while suspended, common assault, assault with a weapon, male assaults female, indecent assault, cannabis and other drug charges, theft, fraud and other dishonesty charges and more.

By “criminal law” we mean here all those alleged offences that are not traffic incidents. Read more here.

The Main Rule – Don’t make any statement to the police … Ever! Read more here.

Technically called “driving with excess breath/blood alcohol” or “EBA” for short. Find out how we can help you here.

Careless Use of a Motor Vehicle, Dangerous Driving, Driving While Disqualified, Speeding and more. Read more here.

Disqualified or about to be? Defeated by demerit points? Read more about how we can help you here.

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Contact us today for a FREE telephone assessment of your situation. There may be more hope than you think!
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