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Meet the legal team

We are a specialist team. This means that the manpower and expertise we throw into your case best ensures successful progress through your prosecution to the happiest result.

The logic here is simple – several minds are better than one.  Many man-hours have been put into building the knowledge-base and assembling the team necessary to overcome the intimidating hurdles you face.  It’s really no surprise that in order to get a good job done, you need an organisation that has the right team, the research capacity and all manner of other resources.  Defending a prosecution puts you up against the strength of the state, so you need our own ‘Swat Team’ to even out the odds.

Our long involvement in our field means that we can access everything from qualified medical opinions and independent blood examinations to other scientific firepower as and when needed. As with human mind-power, we’ve also made a serious investment in case management software that, in New Zealand, is unique to us.  This all means that our great investment in people and resources improves your odds in escaping the worst that the justice system can throw at you.

Auckland-based team member barrister Patrick Winkler

Patrick Winkler

Barrister and Director

With many years experience in his field, Patrick has been the ‘go-to guy’ for countless clients who have wanted the remorseless tenacity that makes all the difference.  Patrick is not only interested in getting the best results under the existing law for our clients but also in making the existing law way better than it is.  To this end Patrick has devoted serious investment to several law reform efforts.  Patrick has been invited to be a witness before Government Select Committees on five occasions and his submissions have led the government to abandon proposed restrictions on individual rights and freedoms. Patrick is a member of several professional associations including the Criminal Bar Association, the Association of Commonwealth Criminal Lawyers and the New Zealand Law Society.

Auckland-based team member barrister Samira Taghavi

Samira Taghavi

Barrister and Practice Manager

Sami holds a Masters degree in Criminal Law from the University of Auckland, criminal defence work having been her ambition since childhood, growing up with a father who was a criminal defence lawyer and later a judge.  Sami’s tremendous work ethic, gift for strategy and computer-like memory mean that our clients’ best interests are constantly being carefully supervised. Sami has also been highly successful in fighting intended restrictions on individual rights and freedoms within the criminal court system. Her tenacity in lobbying against government proposals earned her the nickname: “Bulldog” from one former government minister. Sami supervises an experienced team of other lawyers throughout the country, while retaining control of each clients case. She is a member of the NZSL. Sami’s other languages include Farsi and Arabic which Iranian and other middle eastern clients can find of great assistance.

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