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Client Testimonials and Reviews

The results our lawyers have achieved for our clients speak for themselves. 

So here in their own words, former clients speak about just some of those great results that our team has achieved for them on their DUI, speeding, and other traffic and criminal charges.


Nick said…

I spent a lot of time researching and shortlisting companies and came across ActiveLegal on Google. There were a combination of things that led me to selecting ActiveLegal, some of which included the reviews, fixed fee system, credibility, and previous results. Most importantly, what made the most difference was the way Sami handled the situation off the get-go. I didn’t have to chase for a meeting, we spoke right on the first call, she followed up with an email and from then the team didn’t skip a beat. Always easy to get it touch with, incredibly knowledgeable, with the best plan of action, willing to help above and beyond, empathetic, honest and straightforward.

My main goal and concern was to find a lawyer that was going to fully understand my situation and take a unique approach versus a standard way of dealing with it. Sami and the team helped me achieve the ultimate best result; a discharge without conviction. I am eternally grateful! Samira Taghavi is the best lawyer and the only person you need to call if/when you are in need of legal representation.

E said…

I was charged with Excess Breath Alcohol. After reading the testimonials and seeing all the wonderful things people had to say, I knew I wanted them as my lawyers.

I called Sami, very stressed and worried, after business hours and she answered and was very reassuring. Making clear that everything was going to be OK and that ActiveLegal was going to take care of me. During the progress of the case Sami was very responsive, helpful, and comforting. I received a fine and a reduced disqualification of only three months instead of six months. I am extremely happy with the result, which was better than I expected.

I would absolutely recommend ActiveLegal.

A, who was charged with driving whilst suspended, said…

I was concerned about getting a conviction on my record and having no licence for six months. I found ActiveLegal, called them and they immediately gave me confidence with my case. I would definitely recommend ActiveLegal to others.  Sami was very easy to deal with, very straightforward and transparent about the services and process involved and their cost quote. ActiveLegal treat their clients very warmly and you’re not seen as just a number. The outcome was exactly what I wanted. I received a discharge without conviction and did not lose my licence.

S said…

Thank you so much ActiveLegal for taking my case on. The outcome is literally the best I could have wished for; from meeting the counsellor you organised for me, to moving courts, to eventually being able to phone in, to the back-dated disqualification, to the lighter fine. I’m really pleased and hugely relieved. 

I really appreciate your firm’s expertise. I also really appreciate Samira’s kindness and support throughout. I have really struggled at times and her reassurance was so helpful.

Anna, who was charged with driving while suspended, said…

I was concerned about getting a conviction on my record and having no licence for six months. So I found ActiveLegal, called them and they immediately gave me confidence with my case. Sami was very easy to deal with, straightforward and transparent about the services and process involved and their (flat) fee quote.

The outcome of my case was exactly what I wanted – I received a discharge without conviction and did not lose my licence.  I would definitely recommend ActiveLegal to others, especially as they treat their clients very warmly and you’re not seen as just a number.

Chris, who was charged with dangerous driving, said…

I was really concerned that I would lose my licence and about the impact a criminal conviction could have on my citizenship application. I found ActiveLegal through a Google search and after reading the testimonials knew that I was going to pick ActiveLegal over other lawyers.

After my first conversation with Samira, I felt less worried. Not only that, but the well laid-out plan and quote on the fee for the legal process ahead gave me the extra confidence boost I needed.

Samira ultimately had my charge reduced to a speeding fine with some demerit points and I still have my licence and no criminal conviction. I am really happy with this outcome and am so thankful to have had the backing and support of Samira – an extremely excellent lawyer who I would highly recommend.

To put it simply; to win wars, get John Rambo – to win in court, get Samira Taghavi.

Stephen, who had been charged with careless driving causing injury and who was ultimately discharged without conviction and without disqualification, said …

Thank you for all your help, Samira. 

There is no doubt that stumbling my way through this process alone would have led to a devastating outcome!

My family and I would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation for your professionalism and communication throughout this very difficult period.

We can now look forward to moving on with our lives!

Stuart said…

I was charged with dangerous driving and had concerns about what type of lawyer I might end up hiring.

Then I chose ActiveLegal and am very happy with the way Sami dealt with my case. She was great from the beginning to the end and managed to get me a great result. A charge like mine usually ends with a six month disqualification. However, Sami knew how important my licence was for my job and managed to get me no disqualification at all. I couldn’t have asked for a better result and am, of course, so happy!

Besides the outcome, the best thing about ActiveLegal was the fee. I was expecting to receive a very large invoice, but considering the amount of work that went into my case and the number of court appearances made, the fee seemed very low in comparison.

I would definitely recommend ActiveLegal to others.


Michael, who was charged with breach of a protection order, wrote…

Hi Sami,

I can’t tell you how much of a relief it is that it’s finally over and that some measure of common sense has prevailed and I can’t thank you enough for all the hard work and care you’ve put into my case. I owe you an enormous debt of gratitude, not only for your expertise and professionalism but also for your kindness and belief in me that you demonstrated throughout.

At the risk of sounding cheesy, that simple kindness has been one of the few pinpricks of light during an otherwise dark period. You need not worry about me having anything to do with my former partner going forward. Her words and actions throughout this farce have thoroughly disabused me of the notions I had held about her. A long overdue and costly realisation!

Thank you so very much Samira. You’ll always have a friend in me and my family. I wish I could offer more than merely that dubious honour!

I wish you the very best and every success going forward.

Mr T.F. said…

My wife and I were facing charges of dangerous driving and assault. I selected ActiveLegal, deciding that you were the right people for the job, especially after looking at some of the articles Samira had published and the profile she has. We felt that she would be great. Samira was great from the start and explained everything very well.

We were really happy with the eventual outcome as all charges against my wife and me were dropped. It was a slow process, but Samira kept us updated on the key court dates and was great in reassuring us.

We would definitely recommend your services to others who may need them. Samira was the shining light in the whole process – very professional and supportive. She did what you would want your lawyer to do, which is to outline the overall process and to put pressure on the police case and challenge it – especially when they had such a weak case against us. If we ever have any other issues we would definitely look to work with Samira again.

Edward faced charges of driving under the influence and possession of cannabis and utensils. He said…

Initially I was very worried as this was my first criminal case and experience in dealing with the court system, so I had a lot of questions about how everything worked. I felt that the ActiveLegal team helped a lot in giving me all the relevant information about how the procedure would work and that helped reassure me.

I chose ActiveLegal over other firms because of the fixed charging rate rather than an hourly rate like most lawyers have. I liked how Sami kept in constant contact with me. She made me feel very reassured.

I received a discharge without conviction for my case and I was very happy with the outcome. I would recommend you to other people if they were in similar situations.

Kylie’s husband was facing two charges of drink driving causing injury. She said…

I had heaps of concerns – what was going to happen? Was my husband going to go to jail? [ultimately he did not] But Samira was very reassuring. She was always very specific and gave examples of where she had had similar cases and the outcomes they had received. She was also very responsive and she always told us things we could do to help our case.

I found ActiveLegal through word of mouth and decided to pick you over other lawyers due to the recommendation of a friend. If someone I knew was in a similar situation, I would definitely recommend your services. Overall, I really enjoyed working with Samira but I hope that I won’t need her services again.

Dean said…

I was facing a drink driving charge and I did not have any concerns about my case once ActiveLegal was on board. I felt that Sami was very good at her job. She was confident and knew what she was talking about. She set out the whole process really well for me and made me aware of what to expect. I felt like I had chosen the right person for the job. Sami was also great in keeping me informed.

I was extremely happy with the outcome I got and I was very very happy with the job Sami did. She managed to get my case postponed for a few months which was better suited for me due to personal reasons.

I found ActiveLegal through a magazine and I had also heard about you through word of mouth. I thought that your firm would be a good fit for my case. I have dealt with lawyers in the past and had spoken to other lawyers regarding my case, but I felt that the lawyers up north had more teeth than the other lawyers in my area (south of Auckland).

The main thing I liked about the service, was obviously the outcome of my case. I also felt that ActiveLegal could have charged more for the work that was done on my case! I know that there was a lot of work behind the scenes and much preparation that went into it. I also really liked how well Sami worked with the other lawyer involved with my case. Finally, I also liked the offer of making a charitable donation; that was something I hadn’t really thought about and I think that was the tipping point for the judge to favour my case. I would definitely recommend ActiveLegal to others. I wish that your services were more than just criminal law matters, as I would happily hire you again for other legal matters if needed.

John, on a ‘third and subsequent’ drink driving charge said…

I want to thank Samira for everything she has done for me. It is not very often you come across someone like Samira who is so kind and fantastic at what she does. It is rare to find people like her.

Mrs K, who had a daughter initially facing the charges of careless driving, refusal to give a blood sample, and two charges of assault against a police officer, wrote…

We found ActiveLegal through a Google search and felt that it was best for us to hire a lawyer outside of our area.

Sami was extremely clear from the start. She did a great job at covering all the possible outcomes, but also provided a glimmer of hope. I felt that the process itself was seamless and Sami did a fantastic job explaining everything to us without too much complex jargon. You can tell that Sami is a very genuine and kind person and her sense of humour at times was greatly appreciated, making the situation a bit better.

Overall, my daughter’s case spanned over eight-nine months and it was money worth spending. Sami managed get a discharge without conviction for the careless driving and diversion for the remaining charges. We are so happy with the outcome as there is nothing on my daughter’s record and she can continue in her studies without worry. We felt as though we had a relationship with Sami. It was a positive experience in a stressful and bad situation.

Brent said…

I was charged with driving whilst disqualified. I came across ActiveLegal, read the testimonials and thought that this was a great fit for me. Overall, my experience was amazing and I’m very thankful for all of Sami’s help! I was given a sentence of 40 hours community-based work. I was very happy with this outcome as I was able to keep my licence and keep driving. I would definitely recommend your services to people I know if they ever need it. Sami is great and is a very nice and helpful lady!

Ms F.L. said…

Thank you so much for all your work on my case, it is so amazing and i am so happy!!!!! I have definitely learnt my lesson from all of this and will not be drunk driving again – just the 28-day ban was more than enough for me.

Mr A.J. said…

I would like to thank you again for the result on Wednesday. I feel that your approach, engagement and determination in trying to get the right people involved on this case proved to be the winning formula, albeit that it took over 16 months through the intervention of COVID that noone had predicted or control over, it was worth the wait to get the right result. Well Done!

Mr D.J. said …

I found Sami very professional and the outcome was more then we expected. The price was also very reasonable. 

I was charged with dangerous driving I was  looking to have it reduced to careless driving. One of my friends recommended ActiveLegal to me. I got a discharge without conviction eventually and I am very happy with the results. I think Sami is very easy to work with. I would highly recommend ActiveLegal to everyone and will always use them myself if needed. Thank you!

Mr B. said …

In a word, “professional” is how I would describe them. ActiveLegal are a wonderfully organised firm with many skilled and educated people.

I was charged with DIC and I was given a 28-day suspension of licence. I was scouting to find the best lawyer for me and when I talked to Sami she was “straight” with me and already had a plan in mind which put my mind at ease. I received a discharge without conviction. This has allowed me to stay in New Zealand with my wife and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome!

Samira Taghavi was professional, confident and experienced. She made me feel comfortable throughout the case and valued my opinions as well. She is a fantastic lawyer.

I would recommend ActiveLegal as they are a professional organisation and yield results.

Mr N. said …

I was worried that I would be charged with a DIC and Careless Driving for which I would have lost my licence. Sami’s initial response and approach was great. The DIC charge was dropped and reparation paid to the lady whose fence got broken. I got a Careless Driving conviction only but I did not lose my licence. I highly recommend ActiveLegal. They’re very professional and bring about excellent results.

Mr D.S. said …

I would say ActiveLegal is a good number to have in your speed dial!

I was charged with “Strangulation” and did not have any hope of defending myself. I was lost and confused as to what was happening to me. I had a lawyer before I engaged with ActiveLegal but I was unsure and was not comfortable with the answers to my questions. I then contacted Samira and within seconds, I knew that this is the lawyer I wanted on my side and then decided to use ActiveLegal.

The outcome was perfect. It was exactly what I wanted and needed. Samira was excellent with the way she dealt with me from the first day. She had a level of calmness and positivity that gave me hope. She spoke with facts and experience and I liked their professionalism and constant communication the most. I would most definitely recommend ActiveLegal.

I would like to once again thank Samira for all her help and kind words while dealing with the situation. She did a great job and I would most definitely work with her again if I had to ever end up with a problem again.

Mrs J.M. said …

I was in a vehicle accident where the motorcycle rider died. The experience was horrific but given the circumstances surrounding the accident, I felt that there was no way I could be charged. However, just a few days short of six months after the accident, I was charged with “careless driving causing death”. I was in total shock and wanted to get expert advice. I found ActiveLegal. After I read their testimonials, I contacted them straight away. Samira was so helpful and sympathetic. She listened to my terrified rambling with empathy and gave immediate straightforward advice on what we needed to do at my first court appearance. She helped so much by keeping me calm and putting me at ease with her knowledge and manner.

The outcome was a long time coming but because of Samira’s professionalism, work ethic and tenacity, the charges against me were dismissed! I’m so happy and grateful as I only turned up at court once – a week after I was charged – for a “remand without plea”. Sami took care of everything from there.

I would recommend ActiveLegal in a heartbeat because of their expertise, compassion and upfront costs (I thought the costs were more than fair). Sami’s sense of humour kept everything real! Just felt comfortable after the first phone call. I am so grateful that ActiveLegal are out there.

Mr D.G. said….

I found ActiveLegal through an online search for “traffic offence lawyer”. I chose them because of their quick response, good initial communication and their provided options, fixed cost and a plan of attack. I’m extremely satisfied with the outcome as I was originally charged with dangerous driving but ActiveLegal got it reduced to “excessive speed” which is a fineable offence only. Throughout the process, they were professional and had great communication. I was well represented in court. The flat rate cost had all my bases covered which meant I did not have to worry about unexpected costs if desired court outcome was not in my favour. I highly recommend Sami and the team at ActiveLegal and would have no hesitation in using them to represent me in the future.

Mr G. said…

My family and I were travelling on vacation in New Zealand when I received a summons to appear in court for theft. My “crime” was mistakenly picking up a jacket in a cafe identical to my own. To top it off, it was Easter holiday weekend and getting help would be difficult, I thought. 

In a foreign land, with no local contact, we called ActiveLegal on the Saturday. Sami called me back immediately and patiently listened to my account. She then clearly explained the process and the options that we had. After the Easter holiday she then contacted the prosecutor and provided the context to him. When I met the prosecutor the next day, he withdrew the summons. 

The background provided by Sami was critical to this withdrawal. I was reassured by Sami’s professionalism and responsiveness, even on a holiday weekend and the fee that i paid for Sami’s service was extremely reasonable. 

In short Sami’s expertise, responsiveness, empathy and professionalism assisted me greatly.

Mr G.K. said …

I was stopped and charged by the police for driving with excess breath alcohol. For me the court processes began almost immediately with my first appearance set for just over a week from when I was charged. I had never been through the court system before or required legal advice.  The police had provided me with practically no information (other than a summons with my hearing date) so I started frantically trying to find legal advice regarding my case.

I had my concerns about engaging a lawyer because I had no idea where to begin. After all, how do you find the right lawyer or know what you should expect to pay? Prior to calling ActiveLegal I had already spoken to 4 different lawyers. They were generally rude and very unhelpful. I felt that the advice they gave was scripted and gave me little more information other than was on their websites. What is more they all gave me the same bleak outcome and were encouraging me to come in for a paid consultation.

At this stage my hearing date was fast approaching, and I still didn’t have a lawyer. This was when I discovered ActiveLegal. I called for the free phone consultation to see if I could get some actual advice. I ended up calling after hours and got through to Samira. From the get-go Samira clearly explained the court process, realistic outcomes for my situation, what would happen next, and gladly answered any questions I had – at no point during my initial call was I pressured to book paid appointments etc.

I decided to go with ActiveLegal and for the first time since being charged I felt assured that no matter the outcome, my case was in the best hands. I knew that the team at ActiveLegal would do everything they could to achieve the best result possible in my situation. It took a huge stress off my mind. ActiveLegal were in regular contact, updating me every step along the way, and providing exceptional support and advice. Their fixed fee for my case was extremely reasonable, especially considering the amount of time and effort Samira and the team put into my case.

While learning a very hard lesson from all of this, I was amazed with outcome, especially considering the circumstances with recent law changes. In the end I was sentenced to a six-month disqualification. Samira helped impress upon the court my remorse and that I had made every effort to take responsibility for my actions. Because of this my sentence was back dated 5 months, meaning I only did one month of actual disqualification.

If you ever end up needing to use their services, I can promise you will not regret your decision. The team are very compassionate and knowledgeable. They know that this can be a life-changing experience and really go above and beyond to get the best results possible. I want to thank Samira and the team at ActiveLegal, who really went above and beyond to assist me during this entire ordeal and achieved results I had never expected.

Mr J.K. said…

It wasn’t easy being without a driver’s licence and without a work licence I was not going to be able to do my job properly.

I want to thank the goal focused and very professional team at ActiveLegal who took care of my case. From the day that I first called to the day of my court appearance they took care of everything.  Thanks to their hard work I had my work licence in no time at all.

I would like to take this opportunity and thank Sarah and Samira for their beautiful work towards getting me my freedom back.

Ian said …

I contacted ActiveLegal when I was unexpectedly suspended from driving because of demerit points. I needed a limited licence and I needed it fast. The service I received from the team was excellent. I couldn’t have asked for better. They achieved the outcome I wanted and it was quick and easy. Everything was done within four working days. That being from the day I called them, to the day my limited licence was granted.  Their communication was clear, responsive, and they kept me in the picture every step of the way. On the day of my hearing, Sami was excellent and did a really great job. In future, if I know anyone that is in need of a lawyer then I will definitely be recommending the team at ActiveLegal.

Mr T. said …

I was looking at a jail term after I was charged for drink driving 3rd or subsequent, with the last one just 12 months prior. I had a lot to lose, business and family. Samira made the most unbearable situation that took almost a year to bring very unexpected but amazing results. Very professional, she did not give me any unrealistic expectations, but researched my case and always made me understand the process the whole way through, ended up getting community work and supervision, still driving with an interlock. I can’t thank Samira and her team enough.

Mr P. says …

I approached ActiveLegal in 2014 when I got charged with Male assaults female, it took more than on year for the case to be dealt with and I could not have asked for better lawyers during that time.  I ended up getting a discharge without conviction and the Judge did not order a protection order against me because of all the submissions that my lawyers did.  They never judged me and they made the process very easy for me.  Unfortunately, I ended up in the same situation with the same problem a few months ago where I was falsely charged again due to false allegations by my ex-wife where I was a victim of an assault but due to her lies, the police later I got charged with various offences and she managed to get a protection order against me.  I used ActiveLegal again and all the charges were dismissed through extensive negotiation with the police and bringing to their attention and my ex-has misled the police, charges were dismissed in court before the case review hearing.  The ActiveLegal team then defended me in a two-day hearing and got the protection order dismissed in a family court. I could not have asked for better lawyers, they are easy to deal with, very approachable and always there for you no matter what. I highly recommend them, they make things so much easier during hard times. I am forever grateful to Samira and Patrick.

Mr R. said …

I approached ActiveLegal for a work licence on an excess blood alcohol charge and careless driving but after they heard the details of my case they told me that I should defend the charge.  I told them that I did not care about the conviction and I wanted to make sure that I could get a work licence but after listening to their advice I decided to trust them and let them do what they were good at.  I appeared in court only once and that was to hear the Judge dismissing my excess blood alcohol charge before it even gets to a defended hearing as they did everything by submissions, I never fully understood what has happened but all I know is that to my disbelief I did not get convicted for drink driving and only got a fine for my careless driving. I went to them for a work licence and I ended up with no conviction, no disqualification and as I told them “don’t know how you did it but bloody fantastic result”.

A.C. wrote …

And so it ended – with Your Honour questioningly looking at the Police Prosecutor and asking, “why are the charges being withdrawn?” and the Prosecutor tersely replying, “on a minor technical point, Your Honour!” after which Your Honour turned his face towards me and declared, “charges have been withdrawn, you are free to go Mr.C”. Although I had very much known the outcome weeks in advance, I could barely contain my smiles as I hastily exited that Courtroom. But  I could really have laughed, the kind of nervous laughter that erupts from within when the bated breath of anxiety suddenly gets unpressurised at the end of a countdown.

And that “minor technical point”, or what was to the legal system a minor technical point but to me a momentous, life-changing, pivot on which my life turned around to revert back to the safety of its track. Not in a million years could I have ever figured this “minor technical point”! And I have only got the astute lawyers at ActiveLegal Solutions to be grateful to for highlighting this and bargaining with the prosecution. I had never imagined that drink driving laws, and the policies and procedures around evidence collection are such a quagmire. Also that a criminal conviction has such serious implications, and in my case may have been even more so, given my job and immigration status.

This journey which began at the very deep end about five months ago when I was charged with Excess Blood Alcohol of around 180 mgs and desperately thrashing about looking for options, I found ActiveLegal pretty much via Google and their list of testimonials. And I am so very glad I did! Right from the beginning they offered me the right balance of realism and hope, which I think can only come with experience, expertise and confidence, and there is generally a dearth of that in the provinces, and the latter i.e. hope increasing over time as they meticulously examined the evidence and the defence arguments as those also evolved over time. They explained, clarified, translated the legal jargons, answered all my queries promptly via calls/emails/texts, revised, repeated, stayed in touch with me whilst I was abroad, and throughout this journey discussed with me step-by-step our options and alternatives, basically, letting me know everything I needed to know. As the days progressed my confidence in my lawyer increased, I could trust her/them, I could talk to her/them openly and rely on her/them to make the best decision for me.

I am very appreciative to the entire team at ActiveLegal Solutions for efficiently dealing with my case, most grateful to Mr Patrick Winkler for his detailed examination of my case and discussions with me, and particularly indebted to Ms Samira Taghavi who essentially walked with me through this journey and to the destination – Thank you Sami!

Another thing which I liked very much, and in my opinion is much better than any other lawyer I got in touch with, is that their fees was set right at the outset and based on the likely outcomes unlike others who charge per hour of involvement etc. It helps greatly to know and to prepare ones finances accordingly. With respect to the fees per se, all I will say is: it pays to hire someone who knows the “minor technical point”.

Many thanks.

A.H. wrote …

Over the last year under unfortunate circumstances I have had dealings with ActiveLegal Services team – Patrick Winkler and Samira Taghavi.
I cannot be thankful enough with the care, sincerity, utmost professionalism and understanding they handled my case with.
I would have been pretty lost and under-represented without their guidance and would not have had the favourable “Discharge without conviction” outcome. This would have made my life tremendously difficult as far as travelling overseas was concerned.
Thank you Patrick and Sami for all the hard work that was put into my case and for your thorough submission.

We received this from Nicola …

I would like to take this opportunity in thanking you and your team for all the hard work, commitment and time that you put into helping me and my situation. I put my complete trust in you and your colleagues and felt that you were truly doing what was best for me. You kept me updated throughout the whole case and kept things realistic which I much appreciated also. Your confidence, professionalism, experience and knowledge of the law far exceeded my expectations (for any lawyer) to help me and my situation.

I can’t thank you enough for helping me get off my charges as I believe that I am not a bad person, but rather just made a bad decision at the time – but I have learnt from my mistake. Thanks to you, I still have my career which I am very passionate about, as I love teaching and I still have a clear record.

I found you to be very efficient, trustworthy and excellent value for money.

And Carl said …

I hereby highly recommend the services of Mr Patrick Winkler’s as a barrister. Mr Winkler kindly represented my son recently after he drove while on 28 days suspension for demerit points. All I can say is that he did a marvellous job.

The first lawyer we approached told my son to plead guilty as it’s not worth taking it any further because it’s a waste of time trying to get off. So the old story is you have to shop around to get the best and you only get what you pay for. As far as I am concerned the results completely out weighed the costs.

Once again I have no problems in recommending Mr Winkler for any issues you may have.

Scott wrote …

I was stopped at a checkpoint and subsequently charged with Drink Driving (Excess Blood Alcohol).

This was to be my 3rd conviction and I was charged with “Aggravated Repeat Offending” carrying a possible sentence of up to two years in jail. Shortly after my offence, I made contact with Patrick Winkler, Barrister whom I sourced from the Auckland Yellow Pages. After the initial consultation, I made the decision to hire him and his team to defend me knowing that I would need the best possible defence.

The process from the date of the offence till my sentencing appearance in court was approximately ten months and throughout the period, I was represented at preliminary hearings, was always well informed of the stage we were at and reassured of the process that was to follow.

I also received helpful advice from Patrick and his team on things I could do to help myself over the ten month period prior to sentencing which was to prove extremely beneficial (Not only for how it was to appear in court before the judge, but on a personal level as well).

I followed their advice, and was sentenced to sixty hours Community Service and received a $400.00 fine.

This meant I was able to keep my licence prior to and beyond my final appearance in court which to me meant that I could keep my job and continue to support my fiance and two children.

I was unaware that his sort of outcome was possible especially after advice from other lawyers and barristers I had investigated who had all said that there was no possibility of this happening.

It pays to hire someone who knows the law, I guess.

Patrick and his team are professional and experienced and I seriously recommend these guys to anyone who finds themselves in a similar predicament as me.

Anne wrote …

I have known Patrick Winkler on a professional basis since January 2006.

During this time I have found him to be extremely efficient with an eye to detail. He has a very high standard regarding his work and his personal application is out-standing.

I wish him every success in the future and would highly recommend him and his team to anyone requiring his professional services.

Toby wrote …

As I was searching the internet the night after I was done for dangerous driving and failure to stop for the police, I came across the ActiveLegal website in search of a limited licence as I knew that there was no way that I was going to get off lightly.

Once I phoned Patrick he said that a plea bargain was possible. So thirteen months later the failure to stop for police was dropped and I was discharged without conviction on the dangerous driving charge.

Throughout the court process Patrick and his team left no stone unturned in their quest to overcome the burden placed upon me by the police.  The idea of a conviction on my record was unbearable and Patrick understood this. He was always one step ahead of the police, finding loopholes before the police closed them and outsmarting them every chance that he had.

Without the great effort of Patrick and his team I may not be driving today.

Thank you Patrick, for all your help.

Stu wrote …

I have no hesitation in recommending Patrick Winkler, Barrister, and staff for their professionalism and quality of service.

I sought his expertise after being charged for Drink Driving. It was not my first Drink Driving charge, so I stood to lose a lot. I run a small family owned trucking business. Losing my licence would have meant losing my livelihood, my vehicle and facing a prison term.

My initial contact with Mr Winkler by phone was very reassuring that all was not lost but a lot of work needed to be done.

Frankly I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. I kept my vehicle, I had a grace period of twelve months before I went to court, which enabled me to come to terms with my actions. I was given a small fine, and community service, (the minimum of forty hours) and did not lose my licence. I am very grateful to Patrick for this result.

During this process I felt I was a valued client, I was not belittled because of my charges, and I was fully kept informed of progress. I was expected to contribute (I cannot remember the last time I wore a suit).

I became aware during this time that Patrick and his team are highly regarded amongst his peers, the police and courts. Again I am truly thankful to you, Patrick and team. I hope with God’s help I won’t need to call upon your services again.

Heinz wrote …

I would like to thank you for the professional service I received from you and your team.

It was the right decision to appoint you. You told me that there was an 80% chance that we would win, and the case was withdrawn in the end. I could not ask for a better outcome.

Thank you also for being available at all times to answer my questions and to advise me.

Dean wrote …

I recently used Patrick Winkler’s services on a matter involving my drivers licence, the New Zealand Police and court system.

I found Patrick and his team very good. Their understanding, knowledge, ability and experience were second to none.

The fees charged I felt were more than reasonable for the time and effort put in.

The results we gained were brilliant. No fines, convictions or lost licence. I could not have asked for a better result.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Patrick and his team to family, friends and colleagues in the future.

Many thanks! Great results!

Tony said …

Many, many thanks for your work on behalf of my son. It was a great result (theft – son acquitted).

Jaqui said …

Thank you so much for all your help on my case. Great result! Really appreciate it!

M.G. wrote …

I was recently in the unfortunate position of being charged with driving with excess alcohol on two separate occasions within a short period of time. I enlisted the services of Patrick Winkler to advise and defend me against the charges.  I have found Patrick and his team to be totally professional in all respects. They have kept me well informed of the options, consequences and status throughout.

Patrick’s advice that I attend counselling has proven to be invaluable. It strengthened my defence and has provided the tools to stop these sorts of charges occurring in the future. Through methodical and deliberate attention to detail my first charge was totally dismissed, while the other is awaiting a court hearing date to be set.

I fully recommend Patrick Winkler to those in need of legal services for similar charges.

W.H. said …

I am stoked with the outcome to my case and was not expecting that. I almost did cartwheels out of the court and had to be physically restrained from expressing my joy inside the court room.  My family are happy and I get to keep my licence and my life and independence.

I would definitely use your services again – but as I’m scared straight I promise that you will never hear my name again.

G.S. wrote …

I just wanted to express my appreciation for the way you handled the whole limited licence process.

I thought the affidavit showed a lot of care in compiling the document, and you were efficient in all other areas and communicated well with me throughout.

All contributed to a very satisfying result from my perspective – I was driving again by the afternoon of the hearing!

Georgina wrote …

A short note to say thank you very much for all you did for Stephen around his EBA case. I am hoping this will be the dumbest thing he does and he will be less “dopey” moving forward.

Could I just mention how fantastic Kate was through out this whole business. She kept us informed and answered what were probably dumb questions with compassion, knowledge and in a wonderful manner.

Dan wrote …

I was looking for some legal advice after getting in some trouble during the middle of the year 2009. I found ActiveLegal’s website when I was searching the net for a lawyer. I ended up ringing Patrick because I found his website to have good information on it.

Patrick gave me good advice on the phone first up and explained exactly what to expect from the legal process that was ahead of me.

After I supplied ActiveLegal with the information they had asked for they were able to give me a quote of exactly what it was going to cost me to complete the entire process, based on the desired outcome we had discussed. This was the total cost and there were no other hidden cost that were going to pop up, and after going through the whole process they were true to their word.

The team at ActiveLegal did some very good work to build a strong case on my behalf. They kept me up to speed on what was happening the whole way along the process which I was very happy with.

In the end ActiveLegal were able to get the desired result that we had been aiming towards from the start. I would really like to thank Patrick Winkler and his entire team at ActiveLegal who helped me through this problem I was facing.

I would happily recommend ActiveLegal to anyone who required legal advice.

Bill wrote …

Dear Patrick and Team

Just a short note of appreciation regarding my DIC charge recently withdrawn by the NZ Police. I would like to commend Christine and Kate for their efforts and courtesy over the two years and your in-court legal team for their professionalism in the representation of my case to the NZ Police and the Court over that period of time. And, of course, yourself as leader of the legal team. I believe that I have learnt by the experience and have a more conscientious attitude to drinking habits and the road code. Once again, please thank the team on my behalf, and I wish you, and them every success in the future.

Tony wrote …

I am just writing this letter to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for the work that you have done for Makere regarding a Drink Driving charge. This was dissolved on the 26th May 2006.

As she holds an important work related position her licence is very important. She was very concerned as a conviction would have been very damaging for her future. However from the start I told her that she was in good hands and that she should leave it to the experts meaning yourself and your staff.

Thank you once again for your help in this matter, it has been greatly appreciated.

Barbara wrote …

Dear Patrick

Here I wish to say that when due to an unfortunate event [being a charge of indecent assault], my son required the services of a lawyer able to offer the support and help he needed I was fortunate to contact Patrick Winkler.

Never having had a need for the services of a lawyer who dealt with matters of a criminal nature, it really was due more to “good luck” rather than anything else that I contacted you. I am now without doubt so glad that I did.

You obviously have a great understanding of the legal processes and the best way to proceed in each case you deal with. Your manner is both professional and caring, this being displayed in your taking time to always contact me and keep me fully “in the picture” as things progressed.

Your optimism was encouraging and supportive all the time, even when things looked a little bleak.

Due to your obvious legal expertise and ability to convey clearly my son’s side of events he was not convicted and a happy outcome was achieved. I doubt this would have happened without you representing him.

I have no hesitation recommending you to anyone as a lawyer with integrity, extensive knowledge of all things legal and someone who works very hard for the best possible outcome for his client.

Many thanks Patrick for all you did for us.

Mrs B. wrote …

Dear Patrick

We wanted to say a most sincere THANK YOU to you for handling our son’s case and for achieving such an amazing outcome.

I still remember the words that morning when I needed help for our son and was told “…forget anyone else, just get in touch with Patrick Winkler straight away…” (which made us cancel an appointment with another lawyer).  From the moment I talked to you on the phone, your precise instructions were so reassuring, and we knew that we were in the best hands possible.

The outcome of your efforts has allowed David to face the future free of convictions. We are most grateful to you.

Could you please also pass on our sincere thanks to your team whose gentle and compassionate manner has been much appreciated.

Bless you Patrick.

Martin wrote …

Dear Patrick

I am writing to express my sincere thanks to you and your team for all the work you did on my behalf.  Your presentation of documents in my defence was outstanding, resulting in all three charges I was accused of being discharged without conviction.

Also the advice you gave me anytime, day or night was invaluable, helping me through the stressful pre-trial waiting time.

The Anger Management and CADS courses and CARE NZ course that you recommended for me to attend have been most beneficial, and I will aim to carry on aspiring to maintain the goals that they taught me.

Also, a special thanks to your team, who helped enormously as well.

Craig wrote …

Dear Patrick

I am writing to you to thank you and your staff for all the effort and guidance that was put into my court case.  Without this hard work I am sure the outcome would have been totally different.

As it was, I was still able to work, which helped reduce the stress on my family and enabled me to still earn an income.

I would recommend your services to anyone that was in the same position that I found myself in.

Thank you once again for your time and effort.

Kind Regards.

Mrs H. wrote …

I found myself being charged with careless driving, which was very traumatic for me as I felt that the charge was undeserved. I phoned Patrick Winkler’s office and was reassured that they would be able to help me in the defence of the charge.

The matter was resolved painlessly, and to my satisfaction. I would recommend the services of Patrick and team to those facing driving charges.

Carol wrote …

My family has recently had cause to seek the services of a barrister in regard to a criminal charge.

From the outset, Patrick Winkler was the most helpful and understanding of the barristers we approached, and his whole team was always available and helpful to us.

The fees of ActiveLegal were up-front, so we knew exactly what we were going to pay before we started.

The case ended with a successful outcome for us and we thank Patrick and his team.

Jo wrote …

Everything is fine here now after the case. Darren has a new job working on the road works, driving trucks. He has kept off the alcohol, so that has got to be a good thing!

Tim said …

Before retaining Patrick [for representation on several charges, including assault with a weapon] I would not have believed a year ago, when I was first charged, that we could have gone, from that serious set of charges, to this: Acquittal on all charges!  You have done everything that you said you would.

Mr C. said …

I was very impressed with the service.

Blair said …

Your guy did a fantastic job.  Thank you very much.

Rob said …

Your man was very, very cool. I have a second chance. It’s a great relief.

Martin F. said …

You’re a clever guy.

Jonathan said …

It went well, he’s a brilliant lawyer.

Clinton said …

Very impressed with the service.

Andie wrote …

Once again, a BIG THANKS from the Adam Family for all your help. We can now put this behind us and maybe one day, have a good old laugh about it all.

Yes, and I promise to keep our boy on a very short lead from now on.

Peter wrote …

Patrick represented me in what was potentially a life changing case, he gave me confidence from the outset and had a clear plan which he laid out in detail. He thoroughly investigated the background and because of his experience and expertise I was able to get a very good outcome to me case.  I would recommend Patrick highly to anyone requiring top line legal thinking.

J.P. wrote …

Hi Patrick and the team at ActiveLegal.

At the beginning of this whole drink driving saga I didn’t think (a) I would get off a conviction or (b) that my money spent would be worth it.
However, I would recommend you and your team to anyone I knew that ended up in my predicament. The whole team kept in contact with me, rang me back promptly when I left messages and reassured me when I needed reassuring facts.

This whole process was not as terrifying as it could have been as your team worked hard to get me off this charge. I would not recommend drink-driving to anyone;  however if a mistake is made it is well worth the money to clear your name, which I am proof you can do. I can’t thank you all enough for putting in all the hard work and making this a positive experience. Thank you again.

Max said …

I would just like to say a big thank you to all who helped to get my work licence. Every thing went well so thanks again.

David wrote…

Hello Patrick, this is a note to say thank you to you and your whole team. The service I received and the result achieved was first class.

As you know I felt under a lot of strain and the professional manner, and belief  in which you looked after me, including all the encouragement, kept me going.

I have of course a lot more to say, but to keep this brief, thank you once again, and be sure that your services will be recommended.

I would be grateful if you could pass this on to Michael as well.

Nik wrote …

Hi Patrick Winkler,

I would like to extend my gratitude to you once again. I was extremely impressed with your services and the favourable outcome.

I feel that it was well worth the fee and has enabled me to keep my career options open for the future. Many thanks to you and your team.

R.B. wrote …

Hi Patrick,

I would like to express my gratitude to you and your team for your help in getting Ricky a work licence. You guys are fantastic! You took the stress out of the whole process for us.

Thanks again.

R.H. and Mrs H. wrote …

We recently had reason to require the services of a Barrister to defend our son on a drug possession charge.

On a recommendation we chose Mr Winkler.

The process of defending the charge in court took several months. During this time he recommended our son to undertake counselling for drug and alcohol abuse and to also start volunteer community service, both of which were done. The submissions written by Mr Winkler for the court hearing were very expansive and detailed. Mr Winkler and his team knew the right people to talk to, knew the most advantageous procedures to undertake and knew exactly what was required.

All this professional preparation undertaken prior, plus the counselling, community work and insistence that everything be completed correctly meant the case was considered favourably and resolved without conviction.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Mr Winkler and his team, their expertise and professionalism will help ensure the most favourable result is obtained.

B.J. wrote …

Dear Patrick

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your personnel for meticulous and time consuming investigation into my Drink Drive charge.

It was because of your very thorough scrutiny of the Police documentation surrounding this case and the cross examination of the Police Officer, the charge was dismissed by the Manukau District Court. If convicted, this would have been my fifth conviction for drink driving.

Due to your comprehensive knowledge of the law I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others requiring legal help.

Emmett wrote …

Dear Patrick,

For your unwavering assurance, your persistence and tenacity, I thank you from the deepest of my heart.

It’s not every day a person hands you your life back and when they do, it is all one can do to thank them.  So Thank You!

Dear Christine,

I thank you greatly for all your help and patience, the days and the calls and the persistent kindness!

Without you I wouldn’t have this second chance that I have been granted; thank you, thank you and thank you again!

R.C. wrote …

In December of 2006 I was stopped by the police and was required to give a sample of my blood , this sample later proved that I was well over the limit and I was charged with excess blood alcohol (drink driving). Because I have several convictions for the same offence I was in real danger of being sent to jail. I then contacted Mr. Patrick Winkler at ActiveLegal.

Patrick and his team were very up front in advising me of my options and I then engaged him as legal council. Probably the smartest decision I made. As the months went by Patrick and his team were able to secure adjournment after adjournment until in august of 2008 I appeared in court and received a six month disqualification and an $800 fine. Twenty eight days later Patrick managed to get me a limited licence so I am now able to drive again. I am not aware of how Patrick and his team wove their legal magic but I could not have hoped for a better result.  I would not hesitate in recommending Patrick and his team to anybody in the same situation as me, an excellent result from a friendly and talented team.

Rob wrote …

Dear Patrick,

Regarding my DIC case. I got processed for DIC; my level was theoretically 960 which I thought was very high so I decided to seek legal advice.

I saw a lawyer in Whangarei. That was my mistake; after that I contacted Patrick.

He said we will fight and seek all relevant information. Patrick also postponed the date on two occasions. When he was confident that our file had enough information, he set a court date. Between Patrick and his team they found a loop hole in the process. The case was dismissed. I am very pleased with the outcome.

Phillip wrote …

To ensure you get professional legal advice and obtain the outcome you require I strongly recommend the expertise of Patrick Winkler.

M.C. wrote …

Finding myself in trouble with the law on the side of the motorway just before Christmas, I needed help.

Full of mixed emotions – anger at myself, regret, fear, shame etc. – it is difficult knowing who to call for help.

I chose Patrick Winkler from ActiveLegal.

As an executive in the corporate world, I knew the value of choosing the best legal team to help me. There are hundreds of lawyers claiming to specialise in traffic cases. But they are certainly not all equal and you must not simply select the first lawyer you see on the net – irrespective of cost. Would you choose your local GP to operate on your brain?

Like everything—you get what you pay for and this situation was no exception.

Patrick surrounds himself with arguably the most experienced, incisive and, most importantly – the most successful legal professionals in the country.

They are winners!

And that’s exactly what you need!

From initial discussions over the phone to successful dismissal of the case in court, Patrick and his Team were outstanding. This says a lot as I have high expectations of people. They took care of everything, giving me peace of mind that the best people are on the job.

It’s more than just using his expertise to get off the case. Patrick can help in other areas. He referred me to a rehabilitation course which I found immensely valuable and has triggered some life changing attitudes.

Had I lost the case—would I be so full of praise? Absolutely! The wealth of experience and knowledge ensures that no stone remains un-turned.

There is no need to worry about this in any case…. Patrick rarely looses!

I plan to recommend Patrick Winkler highly to everyone I know.

To Patrick, Christine and co – thank you so much!

What a Team!

Brenda wrote …

A very big thank you for helping me through a very difficult court case. I was a complete basket case and I wouldn’t have made it through a very difficult time in my life without Patrick’s help and support.

Mr and Mrs H. wrote …

Dear Patrick ,

We write in relation to the drink driving charge against our son which you defended. The offence was at the lower end of the scale for our son aged 19 years at the time who was over the youth limit but under the adult limit. Whilst we did not deny that the offence had occurred we believed that the consequences of conviction would outweigh the seriousness of  the offence and so defended the action.

There was no doubt that it was a long drawn out process. When it was finally heard more than two years later, we were distressed by the community magistrate’s decision and our son was convicted, fined and disqualified from driving for three months. The conviction was the most distressing part as we believed that the conviction could have far reaching consequences in terms of his future, particularly to travel overseas.

We know you shared our belief that the conviction was inherently unfair and you challenged the decision with an appeal. We were truly delighted to have the decision overturned and to learn that the conviction had been quashed. This outcome is solely a result of your determination to proceed with an appeal and we send our heartfelt thanks to you and your team.

Our son, who is, we believe, a truly outstanding man, can now get on with life with a clean record. Thank you so much for the work that you have done to achieve this.

Lisa wrote …

I would to take this opportunity to thank Patrick Winkler & Co  for their excellent and the most impressive professional service I have ever received!

I was caught drink driving at such a stressful time in my life Patrick assisted me immediately with what to do now? and began preparations within an instant, from my experience he is meticulous and very accurate with detail.

Throughout my court proceeding I was stressing and worried about the outcome.  Patrick gave me constant reassurance and focused on factual information which led to my drink driving charge being dropped and I was able to move on living life again.

I wish to encourage anyone caught in a situation like mine and who needs a talented professional law service.  Call Patrick Winkler.  It’s not too late.

Alan wrote …

I would like to say a big thank you to Patrick and his team. They have gotten me off of four separate road traffic charges which would have imperilled my race car licence and New Zealand drivers licence.

My experience was hassle free and got me the results I needed. The instructions I received were clear and the follow up was excellent. I was kept informed the whole time and am very happy with the service and result. I would recommend Patrick and his team to anyone else who finds themselves in a similar situation.

Kiva wrote …

To Patrick Winkler, Barrister and Team,

I would like to thank you for the marvellous job you have done for me. You managed to save me from being convicted of a drink drive with double the limit. I very much appreciate that.

Now I am free and back to normal and driving and I’m very proud of what the lawyer did for me in the court. I don’t have enough words to give as a thank you for this matter. I wish you all the best and a Merry Christmas also a Happy New Year.

Rosie wrote …

I would like to sincerely thank Patrick and the team at ActiveLegal for the fantastic job they did in handling my case which resulted in my EBA charge being dropped. The team was helpful, informative and professional throughout the process.  They are extremely knowledgeable in regards to the system, and they worked hard to get my desired outcome. For this I am eternally grateful.

Praveen wrote …

Your team has been very compassionate and very empathetic and have spoken to me not just about my case but about my life also.

Priscilla wrote …

Hi Samira

I just want to touch base with you and Prashant and your organisation re our kid’s court case.  We would like to say ‘Thank You All’ so much for your great support from such a great organisation that applied great effort with presentations resulting in such a fantastic result! A JOB WELL DONE BY ALL WHO GOT INVOLVED.

We can now move on on a good note!!!

All the best in the future and keep up with the Good Work.

Thanks again.

Javed wrote …

Firstly I would like to say a big thank you for my EBA case (Oct 2011) for appearing at Manukau court on Friday. Your guy was professional and patient and kept me in the loop of the situation. Even though I was afraid (terrified, more like it), his assurance made me calm. I shall be doing 180 hrs community work at a charitable trust in Glen Innes commencing from this Saturday. I am aiming for it to be completed by Jan 2013 (or earlier). I would also like to thank the other lawyers who also represented me. Not forgetting Kate & Sami too. I couldn’t thank you guys enough!

Mr and Mrs E. wrote …

Thank you for the result of the judgement (and what a great result!)

I would like to thank the team and of course the team captain Patrick for the commitment, professional effort and of course patience in the resolution of this matter. There seems to have been so many people involved it is hard to thank them all individually so please pass on my thanks to all of them, from Patrick through to Christine and Katie.

As much of a pleasure it has been meeting you all over the last two and a half years may I say (in the most amicable way) I hope never to meet you again on a professional basis. In passing. This experience has had a salutary effect and the lesson has been well and truly learnt.  So once again thank you all.

M.T. wrote …

My 18-year old son failed a youth breath alcohol test and was charged by the police. I found Patrick Winkler’s website and he was able to outline the options available, and strongly advised against a guilty plea until he could take a look at the case. My goal was to avoid a conviction rather than avoid punishment.

The legal process took 17 months, but Patrick kept all options on the table right up until the last minute. He and his staff conducted meticulous research and although he was able to secure a discharge without conviction (the best possible outcome), he was fully prepared to defend the charge in court at the Christchurch District Court.

Throughout this time I found Patrick to be reassuring and realistic, even when it appeared things might go off the rails. My son now has no impediments to study or travel overseas and he has learned a big lesson through the experience.

I would have no hesitation in recommending that you hire Patrick – you need someone who understands the law and the court system and who will act in your best interest.

Roger wrote ..

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks for getting my drink driving charge thrown out of court. The level of professionalism and expertise shown, not only by Patrick but the staff in general, was second to none.

With three previous convictions for drink driving, I had genuine concern about the impact of a further conviction on my employment. I approached two lawyers in Wellington for legal advice before researching the internet and talking to Patrick, who offered me options and plans no one else had to this point. I paid a one off fee so the time taken (see below) does not draw out the cost.

After a two year campaign culminating in a defended hearing, I have nothing but admiration for the skill and professionalism shown at all times. No stone was left unturned and the work behind the scenes was only matched by the skill in the court room. An example was the cross examination of the policeman who stopped me on the night. He was treated with upmost respect yet skillful questioning elicited facts that strengthened our case.

I would have no hesitation recommending Patrick to anyone in a similar situation, and quite happy to be contacted to validate this testimonial. (Please contact ActiveLegal Services for my number).

Delwyn wrote …

Hi Christine

Thank you for phoning today to check things were ok; I am most grateful and thoroughly impressed with your warm, professional, genuine service. From day one of my application your friendly caring manner eased my journey through such an understandably stressful situation, and a terribly embarrassing one. The whole experience has been hugely humbling.

I am very thankful I had the professional, supportive expertise of yourself and your team. I would thoroughly recommend your team to anyone in the same self-inflicted, regrettable predicament as myself. I cannot rate you highly enough, and am so grateful the service is available to those eligible for it.

Many many thanks again.

Roland wrote …

Dear Patrick

This is a short note to say thank you very much for your services.

In particular, I write to express my appreciation and gratitude as to the assignment of your team member to my case. His professionalism, intelligence and empathetic qualities are first-class.  And it was due to his efforts in court yesterday, that I was exonerated vis-a-vis the dubious and wrongful charges brought against me by the New Zealand Police.

Your guy is a real asset to your firm and I can’t speak highly enough about the way he handled my case.

Gihan wrote …

Dear Mr Winkler and the team,

I am very pleased with the outcome of the case today. Your team’s great professionalism, service and arrangement of counselling are just a few things to mentioned and most of all not losing my licence.  Thank you very much.

P.A. (a law student, charged with a drink drive offence) wrote …

Dear Patrick,

Whilst you are probably sick of receiving mail from me regarding my case, I thought it appropriate to send one final email outlining the sentiments I have entertained over the last seven months of the case [which ended in the charge being withdrawn].

When the events of last November unfolded, I felt disappointed because of the potential professional damage I had done to myself.  But perhaps people who are not so deserving can ‘land on their feet’. I think I fall into this category (judging by the serendipitous outcome).

I can learn from this indiscretion and take lessons from what happened in more ways than simply not drinking and driving.

As I have mentioned to Christine previously, the meticulous manner in which you work is a lesson I am sure to carry with me through the time I practise. The opportunity, whilst bittersweet, to see directly how you go about defending clients was a privilege.

Once again, I cannot thank you enough.

CHRISTINE AND KATE: Thank you both also for your work on my case, it is very much appreciated.

Bill wrote …

Dear Christine

Just a short note to say thank you to all your team for the great job done in representing me and getting a successful outcome for me. Please pass on my thanks to Patrick and Samira on a job well done.

All the best.

Mr L. wrote …

Dear Mr Winkler,

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to Mr Winkler for successfully resolving my charge of Illegal Street Racing. I had initially admitted the charge with my co-defendant (who chose to consult another lawyer – who incidentally was listed as “Best Traffic lawyer of 2008” and as a result he ended up convicted and sentenced, including a period of disqualification of 6 months). Despite the fact that I had initially admitted the charge, Patrick and his excellent team resolved this case with a successful negotiation with the police. This has led to the most ideal outcome – the police withdrawing the charge.

During the course of preparation of the case, I have suffered greatly from psychological impact that I would be viewed differently as I would have a criminal conviction that would leave a permanent scar on my life. This intangible harm has been haunting me for all this time and I am sometimes having difficulty in concentrating on my studies. Through the final resolution of this case, these haunting feelings have been relieved. I would like to sincerely say a big “Thank you” to Mr Winkler and his excellent team!

Danica said …

How did you get to be so good?

Andrzej wrote …

I would like to pass on my sincerest thanks. I certainly had my eyes opened to a lot of things and appreciated the level of support I had from everyone, and “for a bunch of lawyers you’re great fun”

Diane (after the police dropped charges) wrote …

Hi Kate

That is amazing news, thank you to all involved!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read your news.

Thank you again.

Brendon D. wrote …

This has been the best service I have ever had, I was kept informed all the way through – from the transfer to Auckland and the whole process so I knew what was happening and what to expect.

Your court room lawyer was awesome and I was happy with the way things went overall.

Mrs W. wrote …

Yes it was a great outcome, and impressive performance from Patrick and team. I’m sure to recommend their services if anyone I know is to find themselves in a spot of bother.

Patrick and his team offered a calm and confident approach to our case from the moment I engaged their services.  Their absolute attention to even the most insignificant detail ensured that my case got the best outcome possible. I am 150% certain that no other barrister could have delivered such an impressive result, thus I couldn’t recommend the services of Patrick Winkler more highly.

Over the course of the case my son, E. and I would meet at the downtown courthouse periodically to make a court appearance, and each time the case would be deferred. We did wonder at times how it was all going to pan out, and did this guy Patrick really know what he was doing? There were other lawyers who took parts of the case on at times and although we didn’t really understand everything that was going on, I did have a sense that I was dealing with competent people.

Dealing with a young man of 19 who is facing the overwhelming possible consequences of his own foolishness is no easy task. Although he was aware of how much he had messed up, E. was not always capable of providing the cooperation necessary to help himself. E. was at times his own worst enemy and frustrated all of the adults trying to help get him out of the charges laid against him. ActiveLegal maintained a positive professional relationship with him even when he became estranged from his own family.

This was a tough case given the over anxious climate around firearms and explosives in society today. ActiveLegal, and Patrick Winkler personally, made a commitment to E. to have the charges discharged completely, with no compromise or some other arrangement. Anything else given E.’s personal situation would have had drastic effects on his life. For all those many many months Patrick and company worked on getting the result needed, and no effort was spared. We paid a fee up front that seemed huge at the time. But as time wore on, we definitely felt it was worth it and they more than earned their fee.

It was not just that Patrick and associates put together a comprehensive final document that made the judge declare that the credit for his decision to drop the charges against E. was due solely to the excellence of the case presented by our lawyer, but that such an outstanding job was done preparing the case. In this case, Patrick did not take anything for granted and summoned all his skills on E.’s behalf.

In the final summation, ActiveLegal delivered the result they said they would, at the agreed fee, regardless of complications. They saved a foolish but well-meaning young man from having the entire course of his life changed for the worse, and having to pay for the rest of his life for a silly prank. This is a firm that I would consult again if the need arose, because I have confidence in their competence, knowledge and integrity. My son owes his current happy and productive life to them.

[Here Mrs W.’s son had been charged with possession of an explosive magnesium powder bomb, which carried a maximum sentence of four years imprisonment and a $5,000 fine. The bomb had been detonated by the defendant in a public place near a bus shelter. The defendant had also been charged with discharging an a firearm near a dwelling house (some 1,500 times) which carried a maximum penalty of three months imprisonment and a $1,000 fine. Had Mrs W’s son been convicted it was likely that he would have been deported from New Zealand].

Michelle wrote …

I phoned Patrick the day after I had been charged with Excess Breath Alcohol and had my licence suspended at the road side for 28 days.  Having never been in this kind of trouble before, I was extremely upset and worried about what was going to happen to me.  Patrick very clearly explained the options I had with regards the charge, covering both positive and negative, likely timeframes, outcomes and costs.  Based on the information provided, I chose to defend the charge.

Throughout the 12 months that passed, from the day I was charged to the day the charges were withdrawn, I found Patrick and his team very easy to work with – each step of the process was explained and I knew exactly what was going to happen and what was expected of me.  His team are very supportive and caring, looking after you, not only as a client but as person.

The recommended Care NZ counselling I attended during this time helped me to understand my relationship with alcohol and the effects it has on your health and your life, and as a result I have made some positive changes making me a healthier and happier person today.

Michael O. wrote …

I am a VERY happy man; this was the best outcome for me given my home situation.

Keeping my  licence was the key to being able to continue to care for my wife at home and still be able to take her to her various medical appointments etc.  Had I lost my licence my wife would have most likely had to go into some sort of care facility as I would not have been able to get her to the various places she needs to go given her medical condition.  That would have had an effect on me (emotionally) and most likely upon my wife’s physical health because of being away from me and away from our home.

Had I lost my licence I also would have not been able to do my job and now I can carry on as normal.

I would like to specifically thank everyone involved, and I know where to come next time; “not that there will be a next time”.

Sean said …

You did everything that you said you would do.

[Sean was a former member of the Army Special Forces,  who was discharged without conviction on a drink driving offence because a conviction would have created difficulties for his employment as a contractor to the U.S. Dept of Defence, his immigration status, and his ability to service his mortgage].

Some kind text messages:

S.M. said …

“Thank you Sami for all that you have done. If I ever have to use legal services, you would be my only choice. You have been amazing.”

Mr B. said …

“Thank you so much Samira for all your efforts. It was a big burden on me and thank god I made the right decision of coming to you for my case. You have been really helpful and patient with me throughout this process. I Can’t thank you enough.”

Mrs N. said …

“You are an absolute legen hon xxx Thank you so much. I’m super grateful for all you’ve done for me and my family xx Best nes ever :)”

Mr R. said …

“That’s awesome, thanks a lot! you’re a star.”

Mrs M. said …

“OMG! we are crying. Joy and relief. Thank you thank you thank you for everything.”

Mr L. said …

 “Thank you very much! Legit about to cry with joy. Will definitely contact you if any further mishaps occur! But I’ll be sure not to see another office again. Thank you again.”




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