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ActiveLegal is a  specialist criminal law firm for those needing representation in the criminal courts. We handle a range of charges, including – but not limited to – careless use of a motor vehicle (with and without injury) dangerous driving, reckless driving, sustained loss of traction, street racing, unnecessary exhibition of speed, speeding, driving while disqualified, driving while suspended, common assault, assault with a weapon, male assaults female, indecent assault, cannabis and other drug charges, theft, fraud and other dishonesty charges and more.

We offer the best path in getting your life back to where it needs to be. For example, being served with a demerit point suspension notice doesn’t mean your life has to grind to a halt. Through the ‘limited licence’ application process we can get you back on your feet before you know it.

Criminal Law Offences

By “criminal law” we mean here all those alleged offences that are not traffic incidents. Read more here.

Dealing with Police

The Main Rule – Don’t make any statement to the police … Ever! Read more here.

Drink Driving

Technically called “driving with excess breath/blood alcohol” or “EBA” for short. Find out how we can help you here.

Traffic Offences

Careless Use of a Motor Vehicle, Dangerous Driving, Driving While Disqualified, Speeding and more. Read more here.

Work and Limited Licences

Disqualified or about to be? Defeated by demerit points? Read more about how we can help you here.

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