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Professional Testimonials

The views of the ‘umpire’, one’s opponent and others involved in the system can be illuminating.

You’ll find just some of those views below.

Normally when faced with an application that I am now faced with for a discharge without conviction, oral submissions are generally presented to the court. Mr Winkler, counsel for the defendant, has, as is his habit, carefully prepared written submissions and attached relevant authorities. He has also provided documentation in the form of references and other documents attesting to the previous good record of the defendant. Mr Winkler seeks to have him discharged without conviction.

Having read the submissions, I am satisfied that the threshold has been reached and that in this case the consequences of a conviction on the remaining charge would be out of proportion to the gravity of the offending. Accordingly, he is discharged without conviction on the remaining charge.

Mr Winkler, counsel for Mr B, has prepared a very elaborate and extremely helpful submission, as he always does in applications like this. Having read Mr Winkler’s submission and the documents attached, it is clearly appropriate that the application in this case be granted.

“Excellent submissions. That makes my job a lot easier”. (the judge went on to discharge without conviction).

“Mr Winkler, your submissions are as thorough as ever”.

There is no point in opposing your written submission. It is so thorough you’ll get what you want.

Winkler is known around here as the “Smiling Assassin”.

If any other lawyer set up a third of the counselling that Patrick Winkler organises, it would be wonderful.

I thank Patrick for his diligence and persistence in my case. He never runs out of fresh ideas.

For God’s glory, the 300 men selected were enough for Gideon. Amen!

I only won it because of Patrick and what he told me was possible.

Guess what?

I slapped the written material you supplied to me down in front of the prosecutor.

And she read it …

Then read the file …

Then went and told the police officer in charge of the case off …

And then withdrew the refusing to give blood and careless driving charges.

U ‘guys’ (and girls) Rock!

Thank u so much.

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